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Hi and welcome to my site!

I´m Henna Wallin, actress (FIA) based in Tampere, Finland. I´ve been working in a wide range of different productions from big musicals to small theater companies. For example, I have worked in Lahti City Theater, Rauma City Theater, various summer theaters and Ahaa Theater where I was hired during 2014-2016. I´ve also worked as a singer, dancer, as a music and dance teacher and also a voice actor in various cartoons.

Theater, music and dance have been a big part of my life through the years and musical theater studies gave me the chance to improve all three of these, together and separately. Actually, one of my interests is combining these three art forms open- mindedly, as well as developing continually self- renewing new musical theatre alongside of more traditional musical theatre.

As an actress I am versatile and I have strong musical and physical skills. I hope to continually challenge myself with multifaceted work opportunities!

You can find more info about me and my work from this website!
Contact! henna.wallin1@gmail.com


2021 Theatre Academy / University of the Arts / Master of Arts
2010 Lahti University of Applied Sciences / Musical Theatre
2014 Lahti University of Applied Sciences / Music Pedagogy
2006 Kangasala gymnasium

(Production / Theatre / Role / Director)

2017 Fiddler on the Roof / TTT- Theatre / Grandma Tzeitel, Mirala / Miika Muranen
2017 Niskavuoren nuori emäntä / Pyynikki Summer Theatre / Salli- maid / Miika Muranen
2016 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels / Rauma City Theater/ ensemble / Kari Arffman
2014- 2016 Ahaa Teatteri (actress)
Risto Räppääjä ja nukkavieru Nelli / Ahaa Theater / Nelli / Seppo Välinen
Otellopeli / Ahaa Theater / Emilia / Marika Vapaavuori
Whazzup ernu? / Ahaa Theater / Naheed / Taava Hakala
Susi- tarina valkoisesta valheesta / Ahaa Theater / Sepe the Dog, Räsäskä/ Kimmo         Virtanen
Katve / Ahaa Theater / Sini / Miika Muranen
2014 Pieni lemmenleikki / Lahti Summer Theatre / Saara Melander / Laura Viippola
2013 West Side Story / Lahden City Theatre/ Francesca / Miika Muranen
2013 Matkalaukkukostaja / Ränssin kievari Summer Theatre / Anneli Keppilä / Jussi Myllymäki
2012 HAIR / Lahti City Theater / Dionne, cover: Sheila Franklin / Maarit Pyökäri
2011 Juice- musical/ Teatteri Eurooppa Neljä / ensemble / Taava Hakala
2011 Time Travel- cabaret / Musical Theater Ensemble / singer / actress
2010 FAME / Lahti City Theater and Lahti University of applied sciences / Carmen Diaz / Marietta Tevajärvi
2010 West Side Story / Samppalinna Summer Theater / Rosalia / Tommi Auvinen
2009 Viisas neitsyt / Lahti City Theater/ ensemble / Kari Heiskanen

2010 VOICE OVERS / BTI Studios & SDI Media (Pokemon, Winx Club, Monster High etc.)